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Volkswagen Beetle Models

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Everyone knows the Volkswagen Beetle. Some may also know it as the VW Type 1, built with inspiration from an early 20th-century prototype called Type 82E -- one whose design would appear in the first car the German marque ever produced. Made from 1938 until 2003, the first two-door sedan and convertible duo had a long, storied, and now legendary history. It would inspire other highly recognizable VW cars like the Type 2 bus, and it'd be one of a small handful of contenders for the Car of the Century award in 1999.

The Beetle you've probably got, however, is one of two types made between 1997 and 2019: either the Volkswagen New Beetle, which came out in 1997, or the Volkswagen Beetle (A5), which debuted in 2011. Both were inspired by the retro-themed Concept One car that unveiled to fanfare at the North American International Auto Show in 1994.

Driving a VW New Beetle? You've probably got a Turbo, Sport, or Turbo S. The last ran from 2002 to 2004. You might even have a limited edition, like the New Beetle Color Concept, which ran the same two years. If you've got a 2006 model, you got one with a redesigned exterior, not to mention one with the engine shared with the VW Rabbit and Jetta until 2008. Or perhaps you have a special edition. Many were made, ranging from the RSi, Ragster, and Wolfsburg to Blush, Final Edition, and BlackOrange Edition. Either way, Motor Trend appreciated this iteration; it would name the New Beetle Import Car of the Year in 1999.

If you've got a VW Beetle (A5), you've got a more aggressively styled model, but one nevertheless reminiscent of the original Type 1. It had even more special editions, like Black Turbo Launch, e-Bugster, Fender Edition, Xbox special edition, R-Line, Dune, #PinkBeetle, and more.

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